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Newsletter – September & October 2021

Deadline for the November/December 2021 Newsletter is Friday, October 22nd

From the Mayor

By: Gary Griffith 740.768.2632

Hopefully everyone has had a relaxing summer and are ready for fall. Seems as if this summer has been all over the place as far as the weather. It sure has been great for keeping the grass green!  A special Welcome and Thank You to the new families that have invested in properties in the Village and wanting to call Bergholz home.

The Southern edge of the Village Corporation Limit suffered some damage from the recent tornado that touched down. A special Thank You to Village Council members Clint Carpenter, Ron Gower, and Josh Smith, Ben Carpenter, Officer Clark, the Springfield Township Trustees, their employees, and everyone else that helped to get things cleaned up that evening. This is what makes Bergholz the special place it is when our residents take the bull by the horns and get the job done!

By the time this edition comes out, school will be back in session. Be careful in the early morning watching for children walking to their prospective bus stop for pickup.

As many have noticed, Columbia Gas has started working on the replacement of the gas lines in the Village which has been needed for some time. In the next month or so, with the help of the Jefferson County Land Bank, the properties at 377 3rd Street and 457 4th Street will be torn down and cleaned up, eliminating the eyesore they have presented for several years.

Work has been progressing on the State Route 164 bridge project. Sources tell me that it will hopefully be open sometime in October. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that nothing else happens on that project. 

The Village, with the help of Village Clerk Jeff Kemmer, has secured a grant from the money distributed from the Covid money. The Village will receive two payments of around $30,000.00 each! Since this money can only be used for certain projects, Village Council has decided to put it towards the only category that fits our current situation, updating our storm sewer system.  The projects will be graded and completed from the worst situations to the least. Most of the work will be completed by an outside contractor, because of timelines and such presented by the grantor of the funds.

As in the past, the Village will be picking up bagged yard waste, leaves, etc. Just place it by the street, and we will get it sometime during the week. If we miss it, get ahold of me or leave a message at the City Building 740-768-2200.

It seems as the Village has had its share of wild animals wanting to take up residence recently. With this happening, Village Council has been discussing some of the reasons why this seems to be getting worse this summer. We have an ordinance that we are updating and will be implementing once it is updated. The ordinance addresses some of the reasons that are bringing these unwanted varmints into the Village. Officer Clark has been going around addressing what he can as per the old ordinance. Once the ordinance is adopted, Officer Clark will be going back around to try and eliminate this problem as much as possible.

I want to thank all the residents both past and present for making Bergholz the special place it is and the envy of the Valley!

Mayor Gary Griffith

Bergholz Community Foundation

By: Nikki Klein

National Day of Encouragement is observed on September 12th. This day was first introduced by a group of students from Arkansas. Eventually, in 2007 President Bush designated it as a national holiday. This day is devoted to uplifting and encouraging those around us and making a positive impact on others.  Let’s all take this special day to encourage one another. Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, smile at someone, give someone a sincere compliment, tell someone they are doing a great job, treat someone to a cup of coffee or a special treat, tell someone you love them, just let someone know you are thinking of them. Maybe, just maybe, we can continue to do these things throughout the rest of the year. Let’s help overcome all the negativity in the world today.

Update on the Village’s Security Camera Project:  They are in the process of completing easements for the installation of the power posts.  Once the easements are completed, the posts will be put in place and the Village will schedule the installation of the cameras.  This has been a long process, but the Village hopes to have the project completed by the end of the year. We appreciate everyone’s hard work on getting this finished. Another step in keeping our village safe. 

The Prime Time Van that has serviced the Bergholz area is no longer in service. We are currently working with the Prime Time Office to reinstate those transportation services in the Bergholz, Amsterdam, and East Springfield areas.  Our goal is to have transportation 5 days a week. Although, this service is not available currently, you are still able to call the main transportation service to schedule a ride. Here is some Information about what Prime Time offers:We want to make everyone aware that Home Delivered Meals (hot, cold or frozen) are available if you are unable to come to the Fire Department for the congregant meals. The minimum age requirement for service is 60 years or older or be the spouse of someone 60 years or older.

Must be a resident in Jefferson County.
Services are free, but donations are welcome.
Home Delivered Meals will provide services regardless of income.

Call Prime Time Office on Aging’s Home Delivery Meals office line at 740.314.8493 or register on-line at www.primetimejeffersoncounty.com

Also, Prime Time’s transportation service provides transport to various locations within Jefferson County or out-of-county transit to take you to your doctors’ appointments outside of Jefferson County.  

Must be at least 60 years or older.
Must be a resident of Jefferson County.

To schedule your ride, call the Prime Time Office on Aging transportation line at 740.314.5176 or on-line at  www.primetimejeffersoncounty.com

Reminder: Pro Medica Pathology Laboratory is providing lab services at The Lawrence P. Crow Medical Building on Wednesdays from 9:00am-2:30pm.  They accept all insurances; however, you must be a patient of Total Medical Care to take advantage of this service.  Mallory Richards Puckett, CNP sees patients on Wednesdays in Bergholz.  Her office hours are from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.  Dr. Ish Rawal will be in the Bergholz office from 9am-12pm on the 4th Friday of every month.  Call 740-768-1001 or 330-956-5236 to make an appointment.  We are thankful to have them as a part of our community.

We will be taking the Senior banners down after Labor Day. If you would like to pick up your banner, they will be at McBane’s Insurance in Bergholz.  Please pick up by November 1st. 

Bergholz Women’s Club

By: Connie Stewart 740.768.2796

The Bergholz Women’s Club would like to thank everyone who came out to help celebrate Independence Day.  We hope that you enjoyed the hotdogs and drinks provided and served by the club members along with assistance from friends and family.  A special thank you goes to Rilee Givens and Vicki Griffith for assisting this year.  The additional support and friendly conversation were much appreciated.

The Bergholz Women’s Club holds their regular meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm with accommodations made for holidays.  The meetings coincide with the school year running September through May with the members participating in projects and community events as appropriate year-round.  The next meeting will take place on September 22, 2021.

The club continues with on-going fundraisers to include Kitchenette brooms for $12 each, KayWos cleaning cloths for $3 each and will offer the updated Rada cutlery sales online as well as per catalog.   Please look for our reminders on Facebook. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support so that we may continue to participate in funding the many civic and community projects that help to showcase our pride in the Bergholz Community.

Questions:  Please contact Connie Stewart at 740-768-2796 / 740-381-7175

East Springfield Fire Department and Auxiliary

The East Springfield Fire Department and Auxiliary with the support of the Community and Recreation Center, Church of the Cross, and Christ United Methodist are hosting an End of Summer Bash on Sunday September 5th at East Springfield Fire House 9845 County 39 East Springfield. The afternoon will start at noon (12pm) with a Chicken Dinner. That menu is: Half a Chicken, Pasta Salad, Broccoli Salad, and Baked Beans for $10.00.

The Bash is 2pm-7pm. Activities by Kurt James Fun & Games from Bergholz, Local DJ, Face Painting. Free Hot Dogs, Nachos & Cheese, Desserts & Baked Goods, Root Beer Floats, Popcorn, plus more will be given out free of charge. Donations will be accepted at concession stands.

There will also be a Cornhole Tournament. The cost to enter is $20.00 per person. Registration for the tournament begins at 2pm. Join the East Springfield Community for an afternoon at fun!

East Springfield Community Recreation & Service Center

By: Sue Call 740.543.3700

Busy, busy, busy… That’s us at the Community Center. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our monthly dinners. We are planning the September and October dinners. Cabbage Rolls for September 9th and Baked Chicken for October 14th. The Dinners are the second Thursday of each month at 4-6pm. The cost of each dinner is $9.00

On Sunday, September 5th we will be handing out free hot dogs at the End of Summer Bash hosted by the ESVFD. The bash is from 2pm-7pm.

This year we will host our traditional Halloween Party on Sunday, October 31st. The party will start at 6pm following Trunk or Treat at Christ UMC. We will have costume judging with prizes, treat bags, and snacks. This party is for everyone of all ages.  Please join us for the festivities!

Watch for fliers or on social media for more activities. The Center is available to rent. Please contact me for prices and availability.

WEBA Food Pantry

By: Ann Wiley 740.543.3972

As you are reading this, the annual WEBA yard sale has passed. It can be said it was a success. Special thanks to those who baked goodies for us to sell.

Thanks to everyone who gave of their time to attend the sale. Many found treasures. I, for one, found a 4-piece place setting for my good dishes, plus a heart shaped vegetable bowl for only $5.00. I’m happy.

The grocery shopping continues to be inside, at least for the time being. Pass out dates are as follows: Saturdays: September 25, October 23, November 13, and December 11. Notice the change for November and December. This is to compensate for Thanks-giving and Christmas.

Fresh produce is still being distributed on Fridays: September 17, October 15, November 19, and December 17. Produce is still distributed outside of the pantry building.

It will never be said too often: Thank you to all of the volunteers who give of their time and energy to make the pantry operate efficiently.

Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp

By: Jennifer Laughlin

“I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken”. Psalm 16:8

We have been so grateful to have campers again at Elkhorn and to be able to hear laughter & worship in the valley. The summer flew by with campers coming & going each week. The highlight of each week is the baptisms that take place. Over 30 were baptized here and others went home to be baptized at their church. Also, this summer we were privileged to have day campers from Edison Local here to do adventure program and spend some time outside. We have availability for groups of 10 or more to come experience our High & Low Ropes course.

Planned Fall Events: Family Weekend September 3-6, Women’s Retreat September 11, Senior Saints Day September 21, Man Camp September 24-25, Making Memories Retreat October 21-23.

Go to our website www.elkhornvalley.com for more information or call 740-768-2148.

Northeast Jefferson County Food Pantry

By: Debbie Wiley 740.768.2471

Just a reminder all the workers are volunteers, please be kind to them. They work very hard to do their best to make it a convenient as possible for you. A thought for the day: I glorify God when I live in love and unify with others.

We would like to remind everyone about the Work Food Assistance Program. This program has been set up to help working people whose income exceeds federal and state guidelines for assistance through the Food Pantry. The distribution day of these food boxes will occur on the first Saturday of every month between 11am-1pm.  The dates are: September 4th, and October 2nd, November 6th, and December 4th. A current paystub will be needed for visual verification of work status. The distribution will occur at the rear of the Presbyterian Church, Second Street in Bergholz. Please feel free to use this program

The Pantry would like to give a big Thank You for the generous donations given to the Pantry by all the different organizations and all the personal donations from everyone who helps keep the Pantry going. God is good!

The Pantry has changed its time. The new time is 8am-Noon.   (I am sorry I made a mistake on the sign in the Post Office. I will always double check for now on. Once again, I am sorry) It is still every 3rd Thursday of the month.   September 16th, October 21st, November 18th, December 16th. If for any reason the date would have to change, always check the sign in the Post Office.

Our mission is to always serve God and to eliminate hunger in our community.  The outreach program of free lunches for children and adults this summer is over.  The people who volunteered, we give you a great big Thank You.

Our officers are President: Ronnie Shockley, and Vice-President: Kathy Warner. If you need to contact the Pantry, call President Ronnie Shockley, 330-627-4080, or Email [email protected]. You can also call Vice President Kathy Warner, 740-543-3590.

You can make donations to: The Northeast Jefferson County Food Pantry, PO Box 613 Bergholz, Ohio 43908.  Please make checks payable to: The Northeast Jefferson County Food Pantry.  The donations are tax deductible.  The pantry is a part of a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(C) (3) organization.

If you are in need a Bible, please let us know at the Pantry. We will take your name and by the next month will have you a Bible. May God Bless!

Hope you are enjoying our little booklets we have been putting in your boxes. Take the time to read them if you haven’t yet. They are very interesting. The date for next month’s Pantry Day is on the back of the booklet.

Leaving with a scripture:  Psalm 133:1, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”

Trinity United Presbyterian

By: Richard Cunningham 740.768.2511

Trinity Church was blessed to resume Vacation Bible School from August 2 to 6. The theme this year was Discovery on Adventure Island and lessons covered The Creation Story, Moses and the burning bush, Jesus’ healing miracles, the ‘lost’ parables and the Resurrection.  At least 25 children attended each day for the lessons, games, crafts and singing (OH! The singing!). A special ‘thank you’ goes out to the adult volunteers whose efforts made the week a success: Mindy, Marsha, Arika, Wendy, Bonnie, Polly, and Amy. Also, a special group of young adult volunteers gave up their free time to help make the week meaningful for the children.

Vacation Bible School is only five days, but it can be an important learning experience for young people to know the Bible and God’s unconditional love for all of us. The impact on each child’s life cannot be underestimated.Also at Trinity Church, the Sonshine Club afterschool program will resume next month and the I.G.N.I.T.E. youth group will start to meet again after school begins.

This short poem is a classic but tells us so much about Jesus:


He was raised in an obscure village.
He worked in a carpenter shop.
At age thirty, He became an itinerant preacher.
He never wrote a book.
He never held an office.
He never owned a home.
Soldiers gambled for his only possession—a coat.
He was buried in a borrowed tomb.

But all the armies that ever marched,
All the navies that ever sailed,
All the Parliaments that ever sat,
All the kings that ever reigned put together,
Have not affected the life of humans as powerfully as that
One Solitary Life

Bergholz/Chestnut Ridge United Methodist Churches

By: Pastor Lee Iden


HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WE ARE ALMOST IN THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST ALREADY??? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we looked at June 1st? Oh well, life goes on.

It has been a busy but interesting summer so far. We are back worshiping at the churches…for now anyway. That may change again if the COVID 19 pandemic rears its ugly head again as it appears to be doing. But for now, we worship God in Spirit, in Truth and in person!

I am excited about a new venture we have begun. On the last Sunday of each month, we at Bergholz and Chestnut Ridge UMC’s gather together for a combined service of prayer, worship and music. We have had guest musicians, congregants sharing their musical talents, and hymn sings. We alternate locations each month so that each church shares in the worship experience each month. Even numbered months we are at Bergholz, odd months at Chestnut Ridge. I have really enjoyed these combined services and pray that you will join us for these.

Also, come the winter months, I would very much like to see a community choir join together to have a Christmas concert. I have engaged a piano player, and I believe I have a choir director lined up to lead us in song. There will be more information available at a later date, definitely in the next Bergholz Community Newsletter.

If you do not have a home church, we would be blessed to welcome you to our services. We meet at the Bergholz United Methodist church Sundays at 10:30am and at Chestnut Ridge UMC at 11:45am Sunday mornings.

I praise His Holy name for all the blessings bestowed upon all of us in a very difficult and trying time and ask that He continue to bless us with His guidance, His strength and His presence.

Shalom: Pastor Lee

Faith Community Church

By: Chad Thompson 740.768.2835

Hi everyone. I know most of us are a little sad to see summer end, but what a great time we had fellowshipping with one another.  It was such a blessing to be able to spend summer with our church family this year.  Even among all the craziness in the world, there is a peace that comes when you are worshipping the Lord with your family in Christ.  For us here at Bergholz Faith Community Church, this means serving our community and serving each other.  We just wrapped up our blessing bags summer food program for the 4th year. It was a blessing for us to enjoy Wednesday dinners with the area children; followed by games, worship, and lessons.  We are very grateful for all those people who brought their children out for the program and those that helped make it all possible. 

 Our youth group has been very busy serving in the Valley and several of the students got some firsthand experience teaching and assisting with the Valley Youth Network VBS. They are currently participating in making boxes for people struggling with homelessness in and around the Ohio Valley.  If you have any children between 6th grade thru 12th grade, we invite them to come fellowship with us at our Fearless Faith Youth Group on Wednesday evenings at 6:15-7:30 pm. Our Sunday school classes and nursery are open and available on Sundays at 10:45 during worship, and just began a new Bible bucks’ program. We are so very blessed to have our ladies group meeting again and is planning an outreach to a child advocacy center. 

 As fall comes upon us, we are excited for all the new ministry opportunities. Please know we are praying for all of our area families, businesses, schools, and students as they return to school and take on new challenges in life.  We are also always excited for the chance to build new relationships with any of those in our community we haven’t had the blessing of meeting yet. Please call us or come visit us. 

Come to church with us at Bergholz Faith Community Church. Sunday at 10:45 am. As always follow us on Facebook to keep up on events and announcements or call us. See you all soon.  

God Bless you, 

Pastor Chad Thompson

Leaves of Autumn

Helen Barclay

When blades of grass are turning brown
And autumn leaves come floating down,
I dance with them on lawn and street
And scuffle through them
with my feet.
Then to one special spot I take
All I can gather with my rake,
Heaping them high above my head
To make a giant featherbed,
Where when I climb on top to rest,
I sink into a cozy nest.

Something to Think About

By: Dave Miller

I’ve been thinking much about family lately. I am the oldest of six born to Fred and Mary Miller. Interestingly, Mike the youngest and I the oldest are the only ones who remain. The four between us, Frank, Mary Ann, Donna, and Gail have all passed away. In Genesis 2:24 God said, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.”

In the New Testament Book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul has a section in Chapter 5 regarding the relationship of the husband and wife. It speaks of love and respect on the part of the other.

In today’s society where the family has been fragmented so much – relationships like blended families, boomerang generations, helicopter families, single parent families, abusive relation-ships, the need to restore the family as God intended is so needed.

Remember the family structure is God’s idea. Parents who love each other, children who are loved and taught obedience and guided into love for God and His Son Jesus, that is God’s plan. And as far as I know, that plan has never been forsaken by our Creator.

I recently read an article where a child heard her father say, “We could well have done without that one.” Can you imagine how hurt that child must have been to hear her father speak like that! Our children need to know they are loved, and love is more than things! And, if any kids are reading these words, how often do you tell your parents that you love them for all they do for you.

I still remember from some thirty or so years ago. It was the closing of Saturday of Church Camp in New York. The son, about 15, went up to his dad, gave him a hug and said, “Dad, I love you.” I seriously doubt relation-ships were ever the same in that family.

How are the relationships in your family today? God’s family love is still available. It can make all the difference in what’s happening in your family!

East Springfield Christ UMC

By: Nicki Tennant 740.543.3002

On September 15th our Wednesday night Bible Study will be starting a new series Simon Peter: Flawed but Faithful Disciple by Adam Hamilton. Please join us for six weeks at 6:30pm for this study. Immediately following we have a special time of praise, testimony, and prayers. 

The Adult Sunday School class will start the Fall Quarter on Sunday, September 5th. This quarter will focus on Faith on Trial. Our lessons will be based on scriptures in Leviticus and Numbers, and focus on Aaron and his sons, Miriam, Moses, and the Hebrew people. Please join us!

We will be serving Root Beer Floats and Popsicles at the End of Summer Bash on Sunday, September 5th. The Bash is 2pm-7pm. Come out for an afternoon of fun.

Our Annual Trunk or Treat will be held Sunday October 31st, 5pm-6pm, in the church parking lot. Then everyone can go across the street to the Community Center for their annual party. Fun, fun, fun!

We had a wonderful day at our annual church picnic on Sunday, July 25th at Elkhorn Christian Camp. We had a Worship Service at 11am followed by a covered dish dinner. Then many went swimming or spent a relaxing time on the beautiful campus. We held our annual Back-to-School Giveaway in August. We are so fortunate to meet the families in our area during this time. In addition to necessary school supplies, the families had a chance to eat hot dogs and chips.

Everyone is welcome to join us each Sunday morning at 9:45am for Sunday School and 11am for Morning Worship. Luke 5:10b-11, “Jesus said to Simon, ‘Don’t be afraid. From now on, you will be fishing for people.’ As soon as they brought the boats to shore, they left everything and followed Jesus.”  When Jesus instructs you to get in the boat, get in the boat. When He tells you it’s time to get out of the boat, get out of the boat and start fishing for people.

From the Mayor

By: Gary Griffith

August 22nd   – This weekend was certainly a busy weekend in the Berg with the Lumberjack Enduro coming to the Village. Usually this is held at the Firehall but because of this year being a National Event, it was held outside town at the Givens Farm.

I want to thank all the riders and visitors that came in this weekend for helping our small community for your contributions to the BVFD and the EMS.

The Bergholz VFD and the EMS had meals all weekend that helps with their raising money to help fund these organizations. We are very blessed to have these volunteers doing the work they do to keep our small Village and the surrounding area covered for fires and emergency medical attention!

To keep these organizations operating it takes a lot of funding of which events like this help tremendously! Again, Thank You to all involved in making this event happen!

Amsterdam CommunityChurch of God

8247 Bear Road SE

By: Tony Kovalesky 740.543.4041

Pastor David Guess

Church:740. 543.3927

Parsonage:740. 543.3036

[email protected]

Thank you to the people who helped us paint curbs on May 15th with the Larry Crow Curb Committee. Thank you to the town for supplying the painting supplies, to the volunteers for all their hard work, Officer Clark for keeping us safe, and Trinity Church for feeding us after. It was a great success and all of us together helped to make Bergholz a little brighter a

It has been a busy and fast-moving summer at the church. Vacation Bible School went great this year. The Theme was Rocky Railway-Jesus Power Pulls Us Through. Co-organizers Ashley Conn and Courtnie Calhoun along with 45 adult volunteers and 10 youth volunteers welcomed 62 kids this year. They implemented a drop off/pickup line with our safety team and it was a much needed change. We were truly blessed with a WONDERFUL and safe VBS. On Sunday, August 8, we celebrated VBS by having a program presented by the kids at the AM service.  Following the service, a time of fellowship took place with hotdogs, chips, and drinks. We hope to see you back next year. Donna Whitmore and her committee provided book bags and school supplies to children who registered to receive them. If you have a need for school supplies, please contact Donna.

 By the time you receive this newsletter we will be in the middle of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting Emphasis. Approximately 35 adults are reading and praying together for Breakthrough Prayer.

Sunday, September 19, we will celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall with the national Back to Church Sunday campaign. We will have a picnic following the AM service with chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs.

Come and enjoy some great fellowship, food, and fun.

Our J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth) Ministry has several trips being planned. In September we plan to attend the Asian Lantern Festival in Cleveland and take a fall train ride in late October. Sandwiched between these trips will be our annual Fall Feast for Senior Adults (50+) will be on Tuesday, October 5 at Walnut Creek, Der Dutchman. The cost is $25.00 and includes the meal, transportation, and entertainment. We will leave the church around 10:00 am. This is always a great time to celebrate with friends.

The Youth meet normally on Sunday evenings at 5:30 for fun, food, fellowship and learning about living a Christ-Centered life. 

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and on Sunday, October 24 will honor our pastor with a dinner following the AM service.

Our Annual Trunk-R-Treat (Fall Festival) will be Sunday, October 31, from 4:00-6:00 PM. We will have games, candy, food, candy, door prizes, candy and other activities planned for children and adults. This is a free event and hope you will attend.

The Amsterdam Community Church of God Celebrate Recovery (ACCR) will be set up at the festival in the woods on October 2. Speaking of Celebrate Recovery (CR), did you know that only 1 in 3 people at CR are there for drug or alcohol habits? CR is there for everyone! We all have something that has hurt us: a habit we can’t shake or a hang up that you need to learn to navigate. So, what is the difference in a hurt, habit, or hang up? A hurt, habit, or hang up is anything that hinders your walk with God. HURT—The feeling of being hurt is an emotional reaction to another person’s behavior or to a disturbing situation (abuse, abandonment, codependency, relationship issues, etc.). HABIT—A habit is an addiction to someone or something (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, shopping, smoking, etc). HANG UPS—Hang ups are negative mental attitudes that are used to cope with people or adversity (anger, depression, fear, unforgiveness, anxiety, etc.). CR has been averaging around 95-100 people each week and growing! We have something for all ages! There is a nursery for kids 0-3, the Children’s Place for kids 4-11, and the Landing for students 12-18. The kids learn exactly what you will learn in the adult group but at an age-appropriate level. So, let’s make it a family night! We provide a meal every Wednesday night following our service. Now that you’ve gotten a little snippet into CR, join us on Wednesdays at 6:30 at the Amsterdam Community Church of God to begin healing from the hurts, habits, and hang ups in your life.

Our Sunday morning worship service starts at 10:30 each week with the children being dismissed during the service for an experience geared towards their ages.  The Youth (grades 6-12) meet most Sunday evenings from 5:30 – 7:00 and have special events at other times throughout the year. On Tuesday evenings at 6:30 the Women meet for Prayer and Bible Study. The Men meet for Prayer and Bible Study on Thursday evenings at 7:00.

Everyone is welcome as we are Becoming A Christ-Centered Church By Growing Christ-Centered Followers.


6th – Labor Day
6th – Rosh Hashana Begins
11th – Patriot Day
12th – Grandparent’s Day
15th – Yom Kippur Begins
22nd – First Day of Autumn
26th – Gold Star Mother’s Day

11th – Columbus Day
31st – Halloween

Deadline for the November/December Newsletter is Friday, October 22nd
Issue 132

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